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At Environize we specialize in concrete restoration and repair systems protecting your investments leaving them stronger and better looking for years to come! Our products include concrete repair, restoration and moisture mitigation.

Concrete Restoration

Restore stairs, walkways and concrete surfaces in parking structures that have been worn away by the elements and use of de-icing agents.

Concrete Repair

Environize offers concrete repair products and consulting services which will stand the test of time to ensure longevity and durability to exterior concrete surfaces.

Concrete Systems

Our concrete systems can bring beauty and longevity to your concrete with a varierty of surface finishes, colorants and aggregate exposures. 

  • Repair concrete stairs
  • Restore concrete entry ways
  • Repair sidewalks
  • Restore high traffic surfaces
  • Repair Concrete Drains
  • Restore Sidewalks and Curbs
  • Restore Exterior Concrete
  • Repair Concrete better than new
  • Restore Building Supports
  • Repair Concrete Street Structures
  • Give Longevity to Entryways
  • Restore Beauty to Concrete Floors

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